• build platform To exchange BCAT and other coins : Status developing

• Build a platform to support global startup and use BCAT tokens to trade on the platform.

: Status developing

Q3-4 2022

• Launch Proof of Staked Authority (PoSA) Consensus
• Launch Blackcat Application KVC
• Launch Blackcat Application on Mobile
• Launch Lock BCAT & Get BONUS 2
• Open Blackcat Chain SDK/ A Pis
• Launch Blackcat Chain
• Implement Data Oracle

: Status study and analyze project


• Develop blockchain technology for faster transactions for exchanges to build on other transactions.

• Make a Simulation Games open world and Action First Person Shooters Games: FPS

• Establish an organization to support business start-up

Q3-4 2023

• Launch NFT Creator Studio
• Launch NFT Easy Payment
• Launch Blackcat Launchpad
• Launch BLC Scan

Long term project

The development of online trading technology in all types

To be a medium for trading from the community level to the international level in order to solve the problem of expensive products Fix overpriced


Every transaction will be deducted as % to help animal organizations worldwide and to fund start-ups

0-30,000USD Deduct 3%

30,001-100,000USD Deduct 2%

100,000-1,000,000USD Deduct 1%

1,000,001USD and up Deduct 0.5 %

***deducted percent will be split in half for animal corporations and Start-ups.

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